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Hormonal skincare named as 'big beauty trend' for 2024

Sophie Smith
02 January 2024

Hormonal skincare is anticipated to become a big beauty trend in 2024, according to forecasters at WGSN.

As part of this, tailored skincare and hormonal skincare trends are expected to align, as women learn more about their bodies and harness their hormonal cycles, adapting their skincare routines accordingly.

As interest in hormonal skincare grows, WGSN also expects new innovations and formats to be introduced into the industry.

Hormonal skincare refers to the approach of selecting products based on hormonal changes in order to achieve optimal skin health.

Among the businesses tapping into this trend is wellness brand NAYDAYA, known for its Victory Oil to help soothe skin and treat intimate dryness which can be experienced with hormonal shifts such as menopause.

Fiona Toomey, Founder of NAYDAYA, said: "Our hormones dictate everything. We've understood the link between hormones and acne for some time, but finally we have better education on the relationship between hormones and dryness, itching, collagen loss and more."

Living M is another brand said to be paving the way for hormonal-based beauty, with its skincare designed for those experiencing peri/menopause.

Siobhan McCarthy, Co-founder of Living M, said: "Hormonal shifts in menopause have also been found to have a greater impact on skin than that of chronological ageing. Fluctuating hormones causes skin cell turnover to rapidly decline and can lead to concerns such as dryness, irritation, and breakouts."

Other brands and retailers addressing the skin changes associated with menopause include Vichy, No7, Superdrug, and Faace.

However, hormonal skincare doesn't just apply to menopausal skin. Faace is also tackling hormonal skin changes with its Period Face Mask, designed to target the fallout of hormonal fluctuations during a person's period.

Described as a "does-it-all-in-one skin saviour", the mask works to soothe inflamed skin and overcome breakouts.

The new trend prediction comes amid a number of other skincare trends for 2024, including overnight miracles, dermatological skincare, and closing the gap between skincare and makeup, according to Lookfantastic's annual Beauty Trends Report.

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