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How Saie is setting new 'clean beauty' standards

Chloe Burney
19 March 2024

Saie, which has quickly garnered a loyal following after its Super Glowy Gel went viral, has set new standards as ‘Clean Complexion Experts’. This move sees the business ditch over 2,000 harmful ingredients to create 'new makeup'.

With environmentalism and sustainability concerns drastically growing over the past decade, 'clean beauty' has popped up left, right and centre. However, the term has become diluted as more and more brands claim to fall into this category. As a result of this, shops such as Beauty Edit Mayfair, a shopping destination that focuses on clean beauty, have begun to crop up to help cut through the noise. 

Once upon a time, if a consumer wanted to shop for environmentally conscious beauty products, their options were fair and few. The Body Shop led this category until it was purchased by L'Oréal. Now, with an influx of new beauty brands, many stamp 'clean beauty' on products as a marketing tool. But, what makes a product 'clean'? Saie is revamping the meaning of clean beauty and attempting to set a brand-new industry standard.

The brand was established in 2019 with "the belief that beauty should not come at the cost of the planet or the health of our skin".
Since its launch, Saie has championed clean beauty. It omitted over 2,000 harmful frequently used ingredients and it continues to do so with the launch of its new Slip Tint Concealer. What's more, the brand employs continual use of Post-Consumer Recycled packaging.

Laney Crowell, Founder and CEO, told "At Saie we believe beauty should be good for you holistically. We think about it from a 360-degree perspective. Everything from the ingredients you put on your body, to the images you look at and to the impact on the planet. We want to make sure that we only use the cleanest and high-performing ingredients that nourish your skin and are also biodegradable."

The new golden standard is broken down by a C.L.E.A.N criteria, meaning that all Saie products are now developed through a Conscious approach that prioritises Luxurious and Earth-minded ingredients, resulting in Award-winning and transformative products to create a New kind of makeup.

Crowell added: "I started Saie because I was ready to see a new kind of beauty brand, one built on the simple idea of feeling good and doing good. We’re on a mission to make beauty better with clean, award-winning products that are sustainable and conscious of the planet we share."

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