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Huda Kattan returns as CEO of Huda Beauty and announces brand redesign

Sophie Smith
29 February 2024

Huda Kattan has returned as CEO of her eponymous beauty business and is preparing to unveil a brand redesign later this year. 

A new logo, packaging and products are among the brand's plans for 2024, as some of Huda Beauty's existing lines, including its GloWish range, are set to be discontinued as part of the overhaul.

In a video posted on YouTube, Kattan revealed that stepping down as CEO of Huda Beauty in 2020 was one of the biggest regrets of her life and that she's finally taking back her power as CEO.

"I had received advice from a lot of incredible people around me and they weren't necessarily wrong with the advice, but they shared with me, 'You don't know what you're doing running a business and you need to get some real people here in order to get the business to go from where it is right now to the place you envision it going'," she said.

"They were definitely right about that. I needed to get some experts in place, but I think maybe some of that guidance was pushing me too far down one way. I did end up bringing in amazing people, but I also ended up not doing some of things that were so important to me," she continued, whilst emphasising her love for both product development and content creation."

In September 2020, Nathalie Kristo was named as CEO of Huda Beauty, having previously worked as its North American President. However, she stepped down as CEO after seven months.

In 2021, Kattan and her husband, Christopher Goncalo, replaced Kristo as Co-CEOs of the Dubai-based business.

"I'm happy to say I'm back in the CEO position. I have been for a little while. I've been under the hood. I had to relearn the business and what it takes to be a real CEO, because a lot of people carry the title around and I did for the longest time, but I had to really learn what it meant to be an operational CEO," she said.

Kattan also revealed that she is once again leading the brand's product development, which she hadn't done since 2019.

"There's so much newness coming from Huda Beauty. Things that you haven't seen from us in a long time. You'll be seeing the new brand at the end of this year - new logo, new brand identity. I'm really excited for you guys to see what's to come," she said.

"I'm also going to be delisting a lot of product from our catalogue - not because they're not amazing but a lot of products I just don't feel the connection with. Products like our GloWish line will be discontinued."

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