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Huda Kattan unveils revolutionary new feminine wellness brand KETISH

Gaelle Walker
26 July 2021

Beauty mogul Huda Kattan has revealed the first beauty and wellness start-up to launch out of HB Angels - the seed investment fund created by the founders of Huda Beauty in a bid to help mission-based entrepreneurs bring their brands to life.

Founded by former Huda Beauty employee Emaan Abbass, with the support of HB Angels, KETISH is the all-new feminine care and sexual wellness brand designed to turn the feminine wellness industry on its head.

Launching initially in the e-commerce space, the brand includes a broad range of luxury bodycare products, alongside pleasure and sexual wellness focused products and devices.

Soon to be available online and via, the brand also has bold ambitions to launch in bricks and mortar beauty stores around the world in the near future.

Speaking exclusively to ahead of the global launch, brand founder Abbass said she hoped that KETISH would help to “normalise” the feminine and sexual wellness category with thoughtfully-created empowering products and the creation of a strong and supportive female community.

“We want to take feminine wellness and care out of the pharmacy and put it in the places that women shop for pleasure, the places where they go to cheer themselves up when they’re having a bad day," she said.

“When I’m having a bad day I go to Sephora or I hop on to Cult Beauty. It’s those spaces that we want to be playing in to really elevate that experience and give women products that they can incorporate into their overall beauty and self-care routines.”

The mission-based brand will also leverage the power of social media in a bid to raise awareness of key female wellness and intimate care issues and support women through them.

A dedicated blog featuring expert advice, a Youtube channel featuring real life stories and an Instagram account, will all work together to help women gain a deeper understanding of their bodies, health issues, self-care routines, arousal and desires, Abbass said.

“The sad fact is that there are still so many unknowns and things that we don’t talk about when it comes to feminine and sexual health issues – so many things that are so heavy that we as women have to deal with and we are often made to feel embarrassed about or ashamed to share publicly.

“In my opinion there is such a power in feeling seen and heard, especially when it comes to issues like this.

“It’s so important that we start normalising these conversations, grow awareness and support each other and that’s what I want KETISH to do.” Abbass added.

Revealing the launch of KETISH, Huda Kattan, who has helped to mentor Abbass through the launch process, in addition to support from the HB Angels initiative, said: "Huda Beauty Angels is a really important project. It's super close to my heart because when we first started our brand nobody wanted to invest in us.

"Nobody wanted to really believe in our cause and what we were doing and so I'm really excited on a deep deep level about Huda Beauty Angels and being able to reveal the first project that we have invested in, with an amazing founder who has such an amazing mission and purpose and we know that they are going to change the world."

For the full and inspiring story behind the launch of KETISH and its eye-opening development plans, check out’s exclusive interview with Emaan Abbass here.

HB Investments is the private investment office of the founders of Huda Beauty and features Huda Kattan as its chairwoman and Mona Kattan as its president.

The organisation launched the HB Angels seed investment fund in 2017 to help  entrepreneurs bring their dream business to life.


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