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Imaraïs Beauty launches in the UK

Sophie Smith
11 August 2022

Wellness influencer Sommer Ray has launched her ingestible beauty brand Imaraïs Beauty in the UK at online beauty retailer Lookfantastic.

The vegan brand offers a range of plant-based, gluten-free and sugar-free skincare and haircare ingestibles to promote health, sustainability and self-love.

For skincare, Imaraïs Beauty's Glow gummies include plant-based micronutrients with an advanced delivery system to help brighten, firm and restore skin’s radiance at the cellular level. The product features ingredients such as marine algae, olive leaf extract and vitamin C.

For haircare, the brand's Nourish gummies work to improve hair and overall scalp health. The product features ingredients such as organic reishi, organic chaga and snow mushroom.

Sommer Ray, Founder of Imaraïs Beauty, said: “I created Imaraïs to disrupt the beauty space by simplifying daily routines. I’ve always thought about how we don’t need 12-step topical skincare regimes, we need long-lasting solutions that start from within ourselves.

"One of our big goals for Imaraïs is to evolve from skincare to self-care. We want to be the go-to for simple and sustainable self-care products that make our consumers feel sexy, from the inside out. I am extremely blessed to have had an opportunity to actually do something in the marketplace that my younger self would have been proud of.”

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