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In Depth: A look at The Inkey List's new SuperSolutions range

Sophie Smith
21 September 2022

The Inkey List has launched its new SuperSolutions range, consisting of four clinically-proven and accessible skincare products to help target more challenging skin concerns. 

The SuperSolutions range has been developed with a team of dermatologists and skincare experts across the UK and US. Dr Adeline Kikam, Dr Kemi Fabusiwa and Dr Cristina Psomadakis are among the dermatologists involved.

Founded by Colette Laxton and Mark Curry in 2018, The Inkey List was created to help democratise skincare through knowledge, simplify the product INCI list and offer high performance skincare at an affordable price.

Since launching its askINKEY service in 2020, The Inkey List has helped answer over 750,000 questions to educate consumers on what is best for their skin. This platform influenced the creation of the new SuperSolutions range, as 20% of askINKEY requests relating to challenging skin concerns were unable to be assisted by the brand's previous product line-up.

Colette Laxton and Mark Curry, Co-founders of The Inkey List, said: “We know how important it is that skincare is both enjoyable and easy to use. Just because people have persistent blemishes doesn’t mean they should be locked out of the world of luxury skincare. Just because they have excessively oily or dry skin shouldn’t mean they can’t find skincare that works with makeup. We want to help people target these concerns and make it a pleasurable experience."

Priced between £15.99 and £22.99, the range is above the brand's usual price points. However, The Inkey List emphasised the importance in still making the range accessible.

The SuperSolutions line-up

The Inkey List

Scar, Mark and Wrinkle Solution. £22.99 (30ml)

A serum containing 1% retinol to reduce the appearance of marks, post-acne scars, discolouration and to help smooth out wrinkles.

Key ingredients: 

The formula contains 1% retinol to resurface the skin and reduce the appearance of scarring, marks and help smooth out wrinkles. Along with Apricot Kernel Oil and Squalane to help protect the skin against loss of moisture and improve the skin's barrier.

The Inkey List

Excess Oil Solution. £15.99 (30ml)

A lightweight, non-sticky serum formulated with Niacinamide to balance excess oil, improve skin texture and decrease the appearance of enlarged pores.

Key ingredients:

The formula contains 20% Niacinamide to reduce excess oil production throughout the day and tighten the look of enlarged pores. Other key ingredients include Zinc PCA to target sebum build up and Squalane to protect the skin's barrier.

The Inkey List

Redness Relief Solution. £15.99 (30ml)

A fast-absorbing serum formulated with Azelaic Acid to help reduce the appearance of redness, giving the skin a more even complexion. The serum also works to soothe irritated skin and is suitable for Rosacea-prone skin.

Key Ingredients:

The formula contains 10% Azelaic Acid to help mask redness and Allantoin 0.3% to soothe the skin.

The Inkey List

Dry and Rough Skin Solution. £18.99 (50ml)

A lightweight moisturiser that delivers hydration to very dry skin. It gently exfoliates rough skin, leaving skin soothed and delaying dryness for up to 48 hours. The product is suitable for eczema or psoriasis-prone skin.

Key Ingredients:

The formula contains 10% Urea to hydrate very dry skin and exfoliate rough skin. Along with 1% Collodial Oat to soothe red and irritated skin.

The SuperSolutions range is available to buy online at The Inkey List.

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