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Interview: Superdry's Julian Dunkerton - how the fashion boss aims to revive the brand he loves

Evening Standard
06 November 2019

If you want to wind up Julian Dunkerton, ask him how his shops are doing. “We’re a brand, mate, not a retailer,” he deadpans, standing outside the Superdry on Regent Street. He points up and down the road at rivals and you can see his point. None of them has a particular identity, beyond Expensive Clothes Inside.

Dunkerton is back with his baby, the business he co-founded in 2003 and floated on the stock market in 2010. When he left last year people assumed it was to spend more time with his money. The truth is sweeter than that. He was going through a divorce and didn’t want to be away from his children while the messy details were sorted, he tells me.

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