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Jonathan Van Ness brings his JVN Hair line to UK with Space NK

Lauretta Roberts
01 March 2022

Jonathan Van Ness, renowned professional hairstylist and star of Netflix hit Queer Eye, has brought his JVN Hair conscious and inclusive hair collection to the UK in partnership with Space NK.

The line which is based around the hero ingredient of hemisqualane, more commonly found in skincare, goes on sale across Space NK stores and online from today with prices ranging from £16 to £24.

Designed around hair concern, rather than hair type, the line is open to all regardless of ethnicity, age or gender and is marketed under the strapline "come as you are".

JVN Hair

Hemisqualane is derived from sustainably sourced sugar cane

It is the first haircare range to include hemisqualane – a natural alternative to silicone derived from sustainably sourced sugarcane – across all of its products. Rather than coating the hair, hemisqualane penetrates each strand delivering improved texture, shine and strength over time. It was also selected for its lightweight properties meaning it won't weigh hair down or leave it sticky to touch.

Shampoos and conditioners are divided into three concerns, Nurture, for added hydration, Undamage, for stressed hair, and Embody to deliver added volume. The Nurture category also features a hair mask.

Speaking at the launch of his products in London, Van Ness said that customers didn't need to stick to one particular set of products and that the full range had been designed to be "mix and match".

A three-part hair styling line featuring a pre-wash scalp oil, an "Air Dry" soft styling cream and an "Instant Recovery" serum complete the line-up.

JVN Hair, which was launched in the US in 2021, has been developed in partnership with Amyris Inc, the parent of squalane-based skincare line Biossance. Van Ness said he was drawn to Amyris for its commitment to sustainability, innovation and inclusivity. The line was around two years in the making with Van Ness acting as a "hands on founder".

The JVN Hair line is designed for all hair types and products are grouped by hair concern

All of the products have been crafted using complex chemistry and a raft of innovative ingredients – from camellia seed oil and pantheon in the Nurture products, to hydrolysed quinoa and jojoba esters in Undamage and caffeine, biotin and bamboo in Embody. All have been proven to boost hair health over time.

The minimalist, yet standout, packaging is made from recyclable glass and aluminium and the brand has pledged to be plastic-free by 2025. Any plastics used at present are made from post-consumer waste.

As well as being renowned for his hair expertise from his 15 years in the industry and his appearances as the hair guru on Queer Eye, Van Ness is a best-selling author, host and presenter of the podcast and Netflix show "Getting Curious with Jonathan Van Ness" and a voice for change, in particular concerning sexual health and LGBTQ+ rights.

He has become a global pop cultural icon and is known for his desire to spread positivity and self confidence, which is central to his approach to his brand. "JVN allows everyone that uses it to find their best hair self, feel beautiful and show the world that they can look better than ever, while being confident in their choice to bring conscious beauty to their hair," he said.

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