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Klarna data reveals UK's favourite gifts this Christmas

Sophie Smith
22 December 2021

Global payments and shopping platform Klarna has revealed the UK's popular Christmas gifts this festive season, with kids fashion and beauty items and DIY presents making the list.

With one of fastest growing categories being children's products, the data shows that makeup sets, lip balms and fashion dolls are part of the UK's Christmas gifting trends this year.

The new data shows that 20% of Brits are making their own Christmas gifts this year.

This trend is particularly popular in younger generations, with 44% of Gen Z choosing to make their own personalised presents, compared to 8% of Baby Boomers. Handmade jewellery is one of the most common at 28%, along with knitting at 25%.

Personalisation and convenience are the main reasons for people to make DIY presents this year, with 68% wanting to give more personal gifts and 53% wanting to save time.

The data also reveals that having flexibility over cash-flow across the holiday season is becoming increasingly important for people of all ages. Klarna found that 68% of buy now pay later (BNPL) users said that the service will help them to manage their spending more effectively over the festive period.

Alex Marsh, Head of Klarna UK, said: “The holiday countdown has officially begun and Brits are getting ready to make the most out of this festive season, especially for their little ones. The rise in DIY gifts hints towards the continued popularity and growth of more personalised gifts - a trend we are expecting to accelerate in the coming years.

"At the same time, when consumers want to buy their gifts, they increasingly look for convenient and flexible payment options, such as BNPL, to be in better control of their finances and manage their holiday spending more effectively.”

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