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KLIRA expands into bodycare with new precision-targeted treatment

Sophie Smith
13 May 2024

Dermatologist-developed skincare brand KLIRA has entered the bodycare category with a new precision-targeted treatment to reverse signs of ageing on the hands and chest. 

The new cream-to-serum formula - called The Body Special - is built around a precise ratio of azelaic acid, niacinamide and kojic acid at 10-4-2, working on different cellular pathways to tackle pigmentation, oxidative-stress, hydration and collagen depletion.

These actives come together in a "next-generation" base enhanced with hydrolysed collagen peptides, squalene and ceramides, working synergistically to plump up the skin and protect the barrier whilst optimising the delivery of the active ingredients.

"The Body Special grew out of decades of research, my in-clinic experience and three years of intricate work with our specialist pharmacists to create the perfect formulation," said Dr Emma Craythorne, Consultant Dermatologist and Founder of KLIRA.

"The right ingredients, at the right dose, in the right base. We are treating the visible signs of ageing in areas that are very delicate and often overlooked. The formula balances powerful ingredients with the needs of sensitive skin while being luxurious to use."


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Founded in 2022, KLIRA is a digital dermatology service that provides luxury, prescribed custom-skincare. Though its unique skin-typing system, the brand delivers dermatological diagnosis with its personalised treatment, called The KLIRA Special.

Whilst its launch into bodycare isn't customisable, it marks a significant milestone for the brand and provides a targeted solution for all skin types affected by sun damage and collagen depletion.

Priced at £99 for one-time purchase or £69 via subscription, The Body Special is now available online at KLIRA.

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