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Legology launches in new Harrods H Beauty store

Tom Shearsmith
18 September 2020

Legology has launched into physical retail at Harrods' new department store H beauty, which officially opened yesterday at Intu Lakeside, Essex.

The 23,000 sq. ft. space intends to represent the future of beauty, providing an open and expansive space for customers to safely shop brands from around the world, from legacy brands to pioneering, new generation beauty brands.

Offering premium and inclusive support for leg shape, comfort and health, Legology highlights an often-neglected area of the body. Founded by former award-winning beauty writer Kate Shapland, Legology is a dedicated leg skincare brand with a unique approach to cellulite and overall leg health.

H Beauty by Harrods, Lakeside Essex

H Beauty by Harrods, Lakeside Essex

On launching into H beauty, Kate Shapland said: “I’m so proud to see Legology part of this truly exciting innovation – it’s a game-changer in luxury retail just as my brand is in leg care."

A second H beauty will also launch Spring 2021 at centre:mk in Milton Keynes, also featuring Legology.

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