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L’Oréal announced a multi-year partnership with climate tech company Breezometer

Camilla Rydzek
07 January 2022

L’Oréal has announced that it is partnering with climate tech company BreezoMeter to launch an innovative personalised beauty-driven platform that will create personalised beauty routines accounting for user's external environmental hazards. 

This answers a growing consumer awareness of how climate change, and specifically the damaging effects of environmental hazards, is impacting their health, said BreezoMeter.

The company claims the platform will help customers create individual beauty routines that account for how exposure to external environments affect skin ageing and health, which is also referred to as exposome.

Highly specific skin health research on how environmental hazards such as air pollution, pollen, UV, humidity as well as extreme weather affect different skin health in the short and long term will be provided by Israel-based BreezoMeter. 

These insights will enable L’Oréal to offer skin health protection tools that are unique to each user and populate the platform, the company claimed.

Guive Balooch, Global Head of Research and Innovation’s Tech Incubator at L’Oréal said: “Strengthening our collaboration with a world air quality leader BreezoMeter is crucial to unlock the links between skin aging and environmental exposures, such as allergens, UV, and pollution. This will allow us to provide new services that can bring the most precise and personalized skin routines, lifestyle advice, and ultimately help people live healthier lives in every external environment they live.”

Ran Korber, CEO of BreezoMeter added: “At BreezoMeter we are thrilled to continue and grow our partnership with the world’s top beauty company, L’Oreal. Their deep values around science, tech, and innovation are very in line with ours around air quality and environmental sciences. We are very excited to see the two come together and bring new insight and products around the impact of the environment on skin aging.”

Breezometer previously collaborated with cosmetics companies Neutrogena and Dermologica, according to its website.

For Neutrogena the company helped to leverage air quality data for targeted consumer messaging leading to sales growth.

“Neutrogena’s success highlights the considerable benefits of data-driven advertising based on the environment for all kinds of industry & products,” Breezometer wrote.

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