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L’Oréal Group Chairman receives 2022 Appeal of Conscience Award

Sophie Smith
21 September 2022

L’Oréal Group Chairman, Jean-Paul Agon, has received the 2022 Appeal of Conscience Award for his global leadership and commitment to respecting human dignity, diversity and inclusiveness.

The Appeal of Conscience Award is presented to visionary business executives with a sense of social responsibility who use their resources and reach across borders to better serve the global community.

Spanning 44 years, Agon has held various roles at L’Oréal. He has served as the group's Chairman and CEO since 2011. Prior to this, he worked in roles including President L’Oréal USA and General Manager L’Oréal Asia Zone.

Throughout his career, Agon has worked to embrace diversity, promote equality, support diverse communities and encourage acceptance. In 2021, he received the Anti-Defamation League’s Courage Against Hate Award, as well as the Ethical Resource Center’s Pace Leadership in Ethics Award in 2009.

Jean-Paul Agon, Chairman of L’Oréal Group, said: “It is an immense honour for me – and for the entire L’Oréal community– to receive the Appeal of Conscience Award from an organisation that has been advancing an inspiring vision of human peace for more than 50 years.

"We aim to always operate our business with a deep conscience, commitment and sense of responsibility for our world. To have our collective contributions recognised brings us all a great feeling of pride.”

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