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L'Oréal launches "revolutionary" at-home hair colouring tool

Chloe Burney
07 June 2024

L’Oréal has revealed its latest technology, the Colorsonic. The device, dubbed ‘the next generation of at-home hair colour’ was nearly a decade in the making and is set to revolutionise at-home hair colouring.

The handheld device, which has over 29 patents, makes hair colour easier by automatically mixing and depositing formula right at the root delivering long-lasting salon-like hair colour at home. The inventors say that colouring is now as “easy as brushing your hair”.

It mimics the motion of brushing your hair with bristles that move 300 times per minute to saturate every strand, evenly distributing the right amount of formula for all hair types. Meanwhile, it is automatically freshly mixing colourant and developer (with a 1:1 ratio). Not to mention, it provides 100% grey coverage.


How to use the Colorsonic:

  • Pick a shade
  • Pop in the multi-use colour cartridge
  • Press for colour and brush it into hair

President of L'Oréal Paris USA, Ali Goldstein, said that this is a “true gamechanger”, which brings "cutting-edge technology to hair colour”.

In addition, Colorsonic presents L'Oreal's first multi-usage hair colour cartridge - what you don’t use, you can save for the next time. It offers over 20 shades that are free of ammonia, silicones, parabens, sls, sles and phthalates.

To celebrate L’Oréal's 115 years, Colorsonic is set to launch this year.

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