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Lush awards UK scientists for work in non-animal testing methods

Sophie Smith
21 November 2022

Lush has awarded £10,000 each to two young researchers in the UK for their work in non-animal testing methods.

The Lush Prize celebrated its tenth year with a virtual award ceremony on 18 November 2022, rewarding £250,000 to those actively removing animals from safety testing and working towards higher and more effective levels of public safety.

The Young Researcher Prize was open to young scientists with a desire to fund the next stage of a career focussed on an animal-test free future. The prize category awarded £50,000 to five winners.

Dr Sudeep Joshi, a scientist at The Francis Crick Institute and King’s College London, was awarded £10,000 for his work of physical ‘printing’ of human tissues to be used in safety testing of drugs and other chemicals, instead of animals.

Dr Arthur de Carvalho e Silva, a scientist at the University of Birmingham, was awarded £10,000 for his project that will investigate the toxicity of substances known as perfluorochemicals, a type of chemical that humans are exposed to constantly and is found in the food chain.

Three other Young Researcher winners were from the USA, Netherlands and Brazil, each receiving £10,000 towards supporting their career in toxicology without harming animals.

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