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LYMA enters skincare category with new "groundbreaking" epigenetic innovation

Sophie Smith
28 June 2023

Luxury well-tech brand LYMA has launched into skincare with two new science-backed products to address why we age.

Founded in 2018, LYMA was inspired by founder Lucy Goff's own health struggles with septicaemia, after the birth of her daughter in 2012.

The brand first launched with The LYMA Supplement and later introduced The LYMA Laser, which it describes as the "world's most powerful at-home beauty device".

For its latest innovation, the brand has launched into the skincare category with a new Serum and Cream Starter Kit.

Informed by the science of epigenetics, the products address the eight mechanisms of skin ageing to "stimulate unprecedented transformation to the appearance and future of your skin".

Epigenetics is the study of how our genes operate and how external factors can impact them. According to LYMA, this understanding means its products can now turn the epigenetic clock backwards by addressing the factors that are causing genes to age.

The skincare also features over 80% actives. Whereas traditional skincare is typically formulated with a 20:80 ratio of water to actives, LYMA said it's skincare marks the first formulation bio-engineered with 80:20 ratio of active ingredients to water.

Lucy Goff,  Founder of LYMA, said: "In an industry saturated with endless products designed to tackle a limited number of concerns, consumers are left to create their own protocols, often mixing actives and brands that are incompatible, or at worst, cancel each other out.

"The LYMA Skincare Serum and Cream, have been designed to work together, simplifying the consumer’s routine to deliver genuinely remarkable results.”

Earlier this year, LYMA was named among the first-ever recipients of The King’s Awards for Enterprise, celebrating the achievements of UK businesses.

148 UK businesses were recognised by His Majesty The King for their "outstanding achievement" in Innovation, International Trade, Sustainable Development, or Promoting Opportunity (through social mobility).

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