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Mirror Water by Estée Lalonde lands at Liberty

Lauretta Roberts
13 March 2023

Mirror Water, the new brand based around bathing rituals created by original beauty blogger Estée Lalonde, has launched at Liberty, both in-store and online.

The gender neutral line was conceived by Lalonde, who has a social media following of more than two million, during the pandemic when she found solace in bathing during the difficult lockdown period.

Launched a year ago, the line comprises Soak bath salts, Buff body exfoliator, Rub solid balm and Smooth body oil with prices ranging from £30 to £47. There is also a range of merchandise and products can be bought solo or as part of a gift set.

"The first product I formulated was the balm. It's a shea butter product, it's like a solid oil. That's for cuticles, elbows, any dry areas; I keep it on my bedside table and so does [celebrated make-up artist] Lisa Eldridge," revealed Lalonde in an interview with "I like to massage my neck before bed to relieve tension. The essential oils are so grounding and it really helps."

"Then I thought bath salts because I love bathing. The bath salts have thick juicy hunks of magnesium flakes, Epsom salts, Himalayan salts and there's essential oils," she said.

The satin-finish Smooth body oil is the best seller in the line and is designed to be applied on damp skin after bathing, while the Buff salt scrub can be applied to dry skin before bathing. The scrub formulation is thick and designed to stick to the skin while being used. "There's nothing more annoying than a scrub that doesn't scrub. It's called buff and it really buffs," said Lalonde.

From conception to formulation, branding and launch, Mirror Water was three years in the making and launched via its own website a year ago. Space NK came on board as a retail partner in January, which Lalonde described as a "big turning point" for the brand, with Liberty launching this month.

"There's just something about Liberty. Maybe it's not as big as Space NK but it has this amazing energy to it. Everybody knows Liberty and we all have a story about Liberty and a relationship with Liberty, so to be in here is really, really special. It has one of the best curated beauty halls," Lalonde said.

Lalonde moved the UK from Canada 13 years ago and became involved in blogging and vlogging as a way to make friends and connect with like-minded people. As well as sharing advice on beauty and skincare, Lalonde has been open about her own struggles with anxiety and depression. Through her content she relays how moments of self care, while not able to solve all your problems, "can help to lift you up on a dark day". It's this ethos she is hoping to convey with her new venture.

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