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Monday Haircare on influence: the haircare brand on influencer and social media marketing

Sophie Smith
29 October 2021

Monday is a haircare brand that is all about salon quality haircare at affordable prices. Starting out in Australia and New Zealand, the brand has now expanded globally to over 8,000 stores across the US, Canada, Mongolia, UAE, UK and Ireland.

Speaking on's Influencer Marketing: Levelling up for Success podcast in partnership with TribeDynamics, Monday's Senior Marketing Manager Juliana Krost and Marketing Manager Charlotte Fleming, talked about how influencer and social media marketing has played a huge role in the brand's expansion.

With its core audience spanning across the Gen Z and young Millennial generations, Monday utilises influencer partnerships to grow its brand awareness and customer base.

To coincide with its UK launch in March, Monday collaborated with Personal Shopper and Stylist, Bettina Looney and Hairstylist, Patrick Wilson. The vegan and cruelty-free brand boasts the success of these local influencer partnerships, helping Monday to position the brand and generate growth in the UK market.

Krost emphasised the importance of using both bigger and smaller influencers to promote its products. She said: "We have seen a real shift in people being influenced by smaller influencers. Those with followings as small as 2000 or 3000 but are in a community where one of the biggest Tesco stores is, for example. This influencer is just as valuable as our bigger influencers with over 1 million followers posting about our brand."

Fleming added: "Our community are the brand’s best advocates. They are using the products day-in, day-out and they are talking about it. So, you know you're getting an authentic and direct consumer review of the product from them."

In addition to its own influencer collaborations, Monday has also worked with retailers ASOS and Beauty Bay through their influencer programmes. With the aim to interact with a wider audience, Monday and the two UK retailers created and shared unique social media content, ran giveaways and provided gifting opportunities to help promote the haircare brand.

Krost commented: "Following our launches in Australia, New Zealand and the US, we have a good playbook that we use for our launches, but of course we needed to localise that. It is a really collaborative process. Using influencers that our retailers know and love and those who’s audience love ASOS and Beauty Bay, makes it much more authentic for us and that is super important."

Social media is the hub for influencers. Crediting Instagram and TikTok as its most popular platforms, Monday carefully creates content that harmonises with the different features on each app. Evidencing its success, Monday is now the most followed haircare brand on TikTok. Its account has over 76k followers and 4.2 million likes.


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Commenting on Monday's TikTok account, Krost said: "We have now shifted most of our focus to TikTok, due to its hyper growth and appeal to younger audiences. In particular, Gen Z . We are constantly testing and learning on the app, tapping into viral trends and sounds and linking them back to our brand."

With a slightly different approach, Monday's Instagram strategy focusses on two key pillars; engagement and education. For engagement, Monday posts a lot of meme content and Instagram reels, which work well with the platform's algorithms to target a wider consumer base. Whereas with education, it is Monday's aim to ensure users are taking in the information about the brand from its posts.

Emphasising the impact Instagram has on the brand, Fleming said: "We are an Instagrammable brand. Whether it is attracting customers through influencers or our own Instagram page content, we’ve created a cult status from Instagram. From this, people have been rushing to their local supermarkets and we have our products flying off the shelves, which is a great problem to have."

To hear more about Monday's influencer and social media strategy from Juliana Krost and Charlotte Fleming, listen to the podcast here.

TribeDynamics has produced a vital guide entitled How To Measure Influencer Marketing Success to accompany the podcast series. You can download your free copy here.

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