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Naya launches new mushroom packaging to champion sustainability

Sophie Smith
16 November 2021

Skincare brand Naya has highlighted its commitment to sustainability with the launch of its Everyday Essentials Kit in a new compostable gift box.

Made from mushrooms, the kit is 100% biodegradable, recyclable and compostable, making it the Naya's most sustainable gift set yet.

The packaging is created by Mycelium Technology. Mycelium is the underground root structure of mushrooms, a bio-contributing material that offers a safe, sustainable and totally home-compostable alternative.

The gift set also uses 100% recycled glass and labels made from stone paper.

Described by the brand, Naya is a luxurious and consciously crafted skincare brand on a mission to deliver sustainable products that are proven to deliver results.

For every product purchased via the Naya website, the brand will plant a tree in Colombia, to replace those used within its products.

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