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Neutrogena recruits brand ambassador Kerry Washington for first-ever metaverse experience

Sophie Smith
12 June 2023

Neutrogena is entering the metaverse for the first time, hosting a number of gamified experiences during Metaverse Beauty Week.

Running from 12-16 June, Metaverse Beauty Week is a first-of-its-kind beauty festival, which sees participating brands host a suite of immersive experiences that look to "redefine the future of beauty in our virtual lives".

As part of this, consumers are invited to explore ‘phygital’ converged experiences, wearables and gamified activations from a variety of brands spanning the beauty and wellness sectors.

On the second day of Metaverse Beauty Week, Neutrogena will introduce a "groundbreaking" way to approach skincare education with the help of actress and brand ambassador Kerry Washington.

Washington's avatar will guide guests on their journey as they explore a gamified experience beneath the skin’s surface to better understand how internal and external aggressors impact the skin and how different products can help consumers fight these aggressors.

In the end, all players will have been invited to engage, gain a better understanding of their skin, and unlock NFT wearables when they complete the experience.

Other gamified experiences by Neutrogena


Players will go on a hunt for jars of Neutrogena Hydro Boost Gel Cream hidden around a cabin to supercharge their skin with hydration whilst in the drying plane environment.

UV Rays

Players will try to avoid the sun’s UV rays, collecting Neutrogena Mineral Tint UV sunscreen bottles to enhance their skin’s natural tone whilst helping to protect it from sun damage.

Lack of Sleep

Players must remain on their bed without being knocked off by distracting aggressors that prevent sleep, such as giant coffee cups, phones and pinging alarm clocks. They must also collect Neutrogena Makeup Remover Wipes to be boosted to the next level.


Players will immerse themselves in relaxing sounds and collect bottles of the Neutrogena Hydro Boost Hydrating Gel Cleanser to help cleanse and hydrate before they’re boosted to the next level.


Players will navigate shopping carts through aisles to collect five nutritious foods whilst avoiding acne-causing junk foods. For extra points, users will also collect hidden Neutrogena Stubborn Acne Blemish Patches.

Bridey Lipscombe and Cat Turner, Founders of Metaverse Beauty Week, told "We have a stand out multi-level gaming experience for Neutrogena in Decentraland.

"This really is a first-of-its-kind experience for consumers to play with the brand in this way before trying out its Skin 360 tool - which gives them personalised skin analysis and product recommendation."

Read's interview with the Founders of Metaverse Beauty, Bridey Lipscombe and Cat Turner.

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