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New beauty and wellbeing destination launches to empower Gen X women

Antony Hawman
30 August 2023

Retail entrepreneur and ex-True Fit Global CMO, Sarah Curran has launched 'Just Hotter', the new, truly digital and AI enhanced destination to deliver a personalised experience for Gen X women experiencing perimenopause and the menopause, giving them access to products, and health and wellness content.

The website is aimed at 40+ women impacted or entering the perimenopause and menopause stages and will focus on, natural supplements, holistic products, sexual empowerment and the wearable-tech categories.

Just Hotter's mission statement is to "re-empower women during the period of the menopause, to allow our women to continue to be fierce and empowered. We will also lead the way for the women who will come behind us and start to experience perimenopause symptoms".

Just Hotter

Just Hotter's aim is to bring education and commerce into one space, offering a broader category range than is currently available via other menopause platforms, and offer natural supplements, beauty, holistic products, sexual empowerment and clothing.

"At 45, I discovered I was in perimenopause and after researching and reading up on symptoms, signs and changes in cycles I was left feeling totally unrepresented by everything I’d found online. Five years on and in the year I turned 50, I decided that I needed to do something which I felt passionate about and changing the perception of women entering this stage of life was one of them.”

As Curran said in a statement today on Instagram, "I'm not older, I'm just hotter".

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