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New EMCEE platform seeks to turn influencers into “true retailers”

Gaelle Walker
02 August 2021

A new platform promising to help fashion and beauty influencers become “true retailers” via their own online store-fronts has launched across the US - ahead of a possible roll-out to other countries around the world.

Founded by retail entrepreneur John Aghayan, EMCEE has been designed to “revolutionise” the affiliate industry by offering an integrated and automated platform that allows influencers to earn up to 25% commission from brands.

The platform also offers brands an alternative online sales channel - where influencers can "expose them to new audiences and garner sales around the clock."

Commenting on the launch, founder and Chief Executive Officer Aghayan said: "We built a platform to make it as easy as possible for influencers to curate their own online multi-brand store without the headaches that come with running an online business."

"The traditional wholesale model is, in most cases, broken, so we developed an alternative distribution channel where brands get to keep all customer data, have the ability to make higher margins, and have a reach higher than wholesale."

Influencers are now being invited to apply to EMCEE. Once approved, “Emcees” can curate online storefronts to introduce their favourite brands and products to their audience.

Brands can also onboard to the platform “in less than a minute” with EMCEE creating and placing all orders within their current systems, EMCEE said.

“By using EMCEE, brands can export their products directly to the platform and easily keep inventory in sync.

“Partner brands decide what percentage of each purchase Emcees get to keep, with current brands offering up to 25% commission for Emcees' sales,” Aghayan added.

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