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New training resource seeks to “revolutionise” nail industry education

Gaelle Walker
21 January 2021

A new resource designed to improve the standard of education in the UK nail industry is now open to new and existing nail technicians.

Founded by leading nail and beauty experts: Marian Newman BEM, Doug Shoon and Vitaly Solomoff, the NailKnowledge resource has launched with a debut ‘Essential Nail Professional Diploma’.

The course features 16 animated lessons via three masterclasses, designed to help technicians understand the subjects of Anatomy, Product Chemistry and Health and Safety.

“With the rise of allergies in both nail technicians and clients and an abundance of cheap products from overseas with little or no brand education or quality standards –NailKnowledge’s mission has never been more important,” co-founder Marian Newman BEM said.

The course costs £120 inc VAT.

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