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No7 launches first influencer skincare education programme

Sophie Smith
26 January 2022

No7 Beauty Company has partnered with the British Beauty Council to launch an "industry-first" influencer skincare education programme to help train social creators on skincare.

The new initiative aims to upskill creators by providing ‘Science of Skincare’ education modules specifically designed to tackle incorrect and misleading content on social platforms and ensure skin-related content is based on scientific truth.

The creators will learn about the science of skin, as well as ingredient information that will help them to communicate factually correct beauty information to their followers.

By invitation only, the No7 Beauty Company Creator Collective will give influencers the tools to boost their skincare knowledge through exclusive educational content created by leading beauty and science experts.

The course content is also endorsed by experienced beauty journalists and dermatologists, including skincare influencers Alison Young and Alice Hart-Davis, aesthetician Dija Ayodele and dermatologist influencer Dr. Aamna Adel.

No7 Beauty Company was inspired to launch the programme after learning that over 55% of global consumers find the skincare and cosmetic categories complex and confusing, highlighting the need for more clarity from reputable sources.

David MacDonald, VP of Communications at No7 Beauty Company, said: “As a leader in the beauty industry, we have a responsibility to ensure people receive high quality, factually correct content about skincare so they can make informed choices about the beauty products they purchase.

"We’re thrilled to be partnering with the British Beauty Council to create this world-class skincare education content for influencers as part of our new Creator Collective. Our ambition is that through this work, we can support social creators in becoming true skincare experts creating valuable and factual content for their platforms that consumers can trust."

Elizabeth Barnett-Lawton, British Beauty Council President of Education, said: “With so much conflicting information circulating on social media, it’s important those with influence have access to correct information that they can use in their interactions with their own audience. The new skin education programme provides a much-needed opportunity for social creators to educate their own communities in a responsible and effective way.”

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