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No7 launches free personalised skin diagnostic service

Sophie Smith
06 April 2022

No7 has launched a new Pro Derm Scan service across 425 Boots stores today, offering free access to a dermatologist-grade skin scanning device for a series of personalised, accessible skincare and cosmetic recommendations.

The new service uses a hand-held diagnostic device to analyse both skin condition and skin tone, hoping to encourage buying confidence in consumers. The tool is designed to deliver high-resolution scanning that can detect subtle changes to the skin before they become apparent to the naked eye.

The launch follows research conducted by No7 on 2,000 UK women, which found that 75% of women only use a third of their skincare and makeup, with a further 86% confirming they have bought a skincare product to then realise it doesn't suit their skin.

This technology, combined with the advice of the No7 Beauty Advisors, is the first and only service of its kind to be available nationwide.

Tested on over 6,000 No7 customers in the UK, the technology has taken six years to develop. It was created in partnership with Canadian tech firm FitSkin, with the assistance of Consultant Dermatologist Professor Rod Hay.

Kirandeep Sandhu, No7 Global Skincare Innovation Manager, said: “No7’s Pro Derm Scan service is a game-changer, bringing skin analysis technology with a human touch to the high street. Through a personalised consultation with our No7 Beauty Advisors, No7 consumers will be able to see their skin like never before, understand how their skin is performing and receive expert advice on the right skincare and cosmetics products and regimes for their skin.

"We are delivering a significant step-change in consumers’ experience of skin diagnostics and their understanding of their own skin, by continuing to bring even more personalised services to consumers, underpinned by our scientific credibility and skin expertise.”

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