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Noble Panacea unveils new sleep mask product campaign featuring Jodie Comer

Sophie Smith
04 February 2022

Science-based skincare brand Noble Panacea has launched its new Chronobiology Sleep Mask, introduced by a cinematic campaign with actress and Noble Panacea ambassador Jodie Comer

The film showcases the brand's new sleep mask, as part of The Exceptional range, which is designed to complement the user's daily skincare routine.

Noble Panacea was founded on the research of Sir Fraser Stoddart, who was awarded the 2016 Nobel Prize in Chemistry for his lifework studying molecular motion, from which the Organic Super Molecular Vessel technology (OSMV) was discovered.

The sleep mask uses the brand’s OSMV supramolecular system to deliver active ingredients into skin in a pre-programmed sequence synchronised with skin’s natural circadian rhythm.

From 11pm to 4am, the product releases active ingredients, working with the skins intrinsic night cycle as it goes through the natural stages of detox, repair and nourish.

During the first Detox stage, the sleep mask releases PHA and Pre, Pro and Post Biotics to detox, exfoliate and reset as the skin naturally begins to eliminate toxin build up from the day. The second stage sees retinol and peptides released to repair, regenerate and rejuvenate skin when cellular repair processes are at their height.

In the last stage to Nourish, when skin is at its maximum absorption, ceramide and 2D hyaluronic acid are released to protect and illuminate skin to provide a refreshed and healthy glow upon waking.

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