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Nostalgia dominates 2022 purchase themes in new Klarna report

Chloe Burney
06 December 2022

Payments provider and shopping service Klarna has released its first annual trend report, revealing 'nostalgia' as a key theme for consumer spending this past year.

Klarna's ‘The Checkout’ report provides a comprehensive review of consumer trends over the past year and analyses fashion, accessories, and beauty products shoppers from across the globe purchased in 2022.

Pieces inspired by the 18th century, 19th century, and early 2000s have all increased in sales. This spike in nostalgia, according to trend expert Agus Panzoni, is due to a longing for brighter days.

Agus Panzoni commented: “Inspiration from earlier ages is nothing new but the nostalgic imprint on this year's trends is remarkable. Against the backdrop of a changing world, it seems people have been escaping to more comfortable territories as the antidote to everyday life.

“It’s clear people have been turning to products that remind them of happier, more carefree times”.

Within the nostalgic realm, Klarna identified distinct global trends. ‘Hyper-femininity’ is one key trend, which includes Barbiecore, Bimbocore, and Balletcore, all driving an increase in sales of pink products (+126%, August), ballet flats (+93%, May), and nail diamantés (+55%, June).

2000s-inspired ‘Y2K’ followed, driving lip gloss sales (+83% in June). In addition, ‘Counterculture’ rooted in 80s and 90s goth and grunge increased sales of eyeliner (+44% in August), and ‘Regencycore’ inspired by Victorian styles increased sales of pearl necklaces (+32% in February).

Panzoni added: “Nostalgic trends have not only been visible through our purchases, but have also been seen in pop culture; hyper-femininity in the upcoming Barbie movie, Regencycore thanks to the hype around Net ix’s ‘Bridgerton’ and counterculture seen in the latest season of ‘Stranger Things’”.

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