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Nursem extends donation pledge to Covid-19 vaccination hubs

Gaelle Walker
03 March 2021

The Nursem skincare brand has issued a new pledge to donate free hand-care products to vaccination centres across the UK, in a bid to better support those helping to deliver the vaccination  programme.

The brand, developed to counter the harsh effects of constant hand washing, currently donates a month’s supply of hand cream to an NHS nurse or midwife for every product sold in the UK via its Nursem Promise pledge. 

However, at a time when vaccine staff have to wash their hands after every dose administered, Nursem also recognised the "urgent need for hand care at vaccination centres" co-founder Antonia Philp said.

Nursem will be donating hand care to centres in London, Bristol, Newcastle, Cambridge and Edinburgh through the month of March and will continue to support vaccination centres ongoing through 2021. 

“As we saw with 2020, the NHS received a surge in support which we all hope is here to stay, as our key workers continue to work tirelessly caring for those most in need and now with their team of nationwide vaccinators," Philp added.

"We’re thrilled to now have supported so many NHS workers and to extend our support to vaccination centres who will be starting to experience the effects of over washing and practicing good hand hygiene.”


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