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Online shopping app, Wholee Prime launches in the UK

Sadiyah Ismailjee
27 August 2020

Revolutionary new shopping app, Wholee Prime has launched in the UK this month to take advantage of robust growth in post-lockdown retail sales.

Singapore based 'Wholee Prime' is a radical new global members-only shopping app that offers users a zero-mark-up pricing model where users only pay for the production cost on millions of products as set by the manufacturer and not for subsequent distribution and marketing costs that consumers usually accustomed to.

The shopping app is available on both Android and iOS, where Wholee Prime has already overtaken other well-known mobile shopping apps, such as Wish, to be ranked among the top five most popular free shopping apps available on the Android store.

The app operates by connecting members with over 100,000 manufacturers from across the globe.

Member are offered access to millions of modern consumer fashion and lifestyle products across a wide range of categories, including clothing; home & living; beauty & grooming; gadget & fashion accessories; automotive accessories; and office stationery.

Members of Wholee Prime benefit from services including 24/7 customer service support and access to over a million products that are all subject to Prime benefits, including priority packaging, fast delivery, and air express delivery.

The new platform focuses on a commitment to providing consumers access to a new shopping destination where the price of every product reflects the actual wholesale cost and nothing more.

Commenting on the launch, a Wholee spokesperson said: "Wholee Prime is devoted to offering consumers an innovative platform that does away with the traditional marketing gimmicks and pricing strategies consumers are usually confronted with."

"Despite frequent promises of 'huge discounts', 'prices dropped', 'clearance sale' and 'flash deals', all too often these gimmicks are just that and end up with consumers paying a higher price and their confidence in retailers degraded. People are sick of it. Consumers want rid of the marketing guff and hidden costs."

"Wholee Prime is unique in that it meets this demand. It offers members a fair and transparent model where all they pay is the actual cost of the product and nothing else. It brings a revolution to retail that makes online shopping simple and fun!"

"At Wholee Prime we believe that the member-only and zero mark-up model is the future of e-commerce and we are pioneers. We offer an ideal shopping platform where the price of every product reflects only its true cost without any mark-up costs."



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