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Over half of Britons want to spend less on makeup, survey reveals

Sophie Smith
17 April 2024

Over half of Britons (55%) would like to spend less on beauty products than they currently do, according to a new survey commissioned by E.l.f. Cosmetics.

It comes as 57% of consumers feel like spending on makeup is a luxury when money is so tight, given the ongoing rise in the cost-of-living across the UK.

E.l.f. Beauty

The survey into the spending habits of over 2,000 Britons was developed to help E.l.f. Cosmetics gain a deeper understanding of perceptions of value in cosmetics.

The findings also showed that 43% of consumers want to be more conscientious about their beauty spending habits, while 31% said they resent shelling out for expensive makeup products that don’t deliver.

With £214 revealed as the average value of contents in British makeup bags, the biggest spenders are in Newcastle, with Geordies’ makeup bags worth £286.

The research also uncovered the UK’s most loved makeup looks. The 'natural look' was named as the UK’s biggest makeup trend, with 47% of Brits favouring this subtle style.

In second place was 'nude makeup' at 20%, according to the survey, and in third was 'matte makeup' with 12% of the votes.

It comes as E.l.f. Cosmetics continues to position itself as an affordable yet high-quality, prestige-inspired cosmetics brand.

Founded by Joseph Shamah and Scott Vincent Borba in 2004, the brand is known for its makeup, skincare and beauty tools.

The brand's bestsellers include a Power Grip Dewy Setting Spray (£10), Hydrating Camo Concealer (£7), Halo Glow Liquid Filter (£15) and Flawless Satin Foundation (£9), amongst other items.

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