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Perfect Corp reveals 2022 makeup try-on trends

Sophie Smith
05 September 2022

Beauty and fashion tech solutions provider Perfect Corp has identified a number of makeup try-on trends across the global beauty industry, according to its latest report. 

In the first half of 2022, Perfect Corp saw over 800 million lip colour try-ons via its YouCam Makeup app.

The report found that bright cranberry pink was the most popular lip colour around the world. Seasonal red tones like terracotta red and red ribbon also made the top five most popular lip colours globally.

In addition, muted red and dusty rose shades increased in popularity across many markets, as consumers continued to gravitate towards more natural, earthy tones that pair well with minimalist makeup routines.

The preference towards natural makeup is also reflected in lip texture trends, as sheer lip colour finishes emerged as the most popular lip colour finish across markets including the UK, US, France, Spain, Mexico and China.

In the first half of 2022, Perfect Corp also saw over 1.3 billion eye makeup try-ons via its YouCam apps. The company reported that users were most engaged with trying on different eyebrow shapes and filters, eyelashes and eyeliners.

Alice Chang, Founder and CEO of Perfect Corp, said: “We are excited to share our next trend report with the beauty and fashion industries, and know that these insights will help brands better understand consumer preferences and needs as we move into the retail season ahead. By leveraging the big data and technology insights provided by Perfect Corp.’s YouCam apps community, brands can fine-tune their customer journeys to drive maximum impact and engagement.”

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