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PODCAST: Drs Lisa & Vanessa Creaven, Co-founders of Spotlight Oral Care
14 May 2021

Welcome to the latest episode of our Podcast series "The Beauty Edit" where we bring you inspiring stories, retail insights and conversation from the beauty sectors's most influential business leaders. 

Drs Lisa and Vanessa Creaven both qualified as dentists at Trinity College Dublin, in fact two other Creaven siblings are qualified dentists too. This pair went on to found a dental practice and oral healthcare together brand, called Spotlight.

The sisters have taken a new approach to oral care, likening it to skincare, which enables users to create a regime that is personal to them. The oral care products are all vegan and created using sustainable ingredients and packaging but they pack a punch when it comes to results.

Their teeth whitening strips and sonic toothbrush, in particular, are both now cult products and with good reason – they work. But their range extends far beyond that into mouthwashes, whitening pens, interdental sticks, kids’ toothpaste and beyond.

That it is sold in stores such as Selfridges and on sites such as Cult Beauty, is testament to how this brand is positioned in the minds of the consumer, who are increasingly incorporating bespoke oral care into a wider beauty and wellness regime.

And both Lisa and Vanessa are passionate about sharing their expertise with their followers when it comes to caring for your teeth and gums, and explaining the impact this has on your overall physical and mental health.

In the episode, Lauretta Roberts, editor in chief of speaks to Lisa and Vanessa about what it was that attracted the entire family to dentistry, why they felt the need to shake up the oral care market, what it’s like setting up a business with your sibling and what their ambitions are for the future.


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