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Rochelle Humes, Founder, My Little Coco

| 5 December 2022

Rochelle Humes isn’t just a former member of girl group The Saturdays and a current TV personality, she is also a fully-fledged beauty business owner.  Her brand, My Little Coco launched in 2020 and is known for its ever-evolving range of family-friendly skincare and lifestyle products.

In this episode of the In Conversation podcast from, Rochelle speaks to News & Features Writer Sophie Smith, about the inspiration behind My Little Coco, why she wanted to distance her name from the brand and what she’s learned so far as a business owner.

Our Podcast series "In Conversation" brings you inspiring stories, retail insights and conversation from beauty's most influential business leaders. You can also listen to our podcast series via Apple, Spotify and Amazon Podcasts.

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