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Sabina Ranger, Founder & CEO, BELLA

| 27 January 2023

Sabina Ranger is the entrepreneur behind fledgling beauty brand BELLA, which is shaking up the cosmetics market (and Instagram) with its WANDERLASH Mascara that promises a false eyelash effect in just a few simple strokes.

WANDERLASH is the first in a planned series of products that Ranger intends to launch in the world of beauty, with the stated aim of outperforming alternatives on the market.

Sabina tells Lauretta Roberts, Editor-in-Chief of, how her family’s business and her dissatisfaction with false eyelashes motivated her to enter the highly competitive cosmetics world, taking on global giants, how her product work and how she has achieved such a high profile in such a short space of time and what her ambitions are for future growth.

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