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Provenance launches "first-of-its-kind" tool for sustainability guidance

Sophie Smith
20 September 2023

Provenance, a platform that validates and amplifies sustainability credentials, is launching an AI-powered tool to help close the sustainability skill gap.

The 'Sustainability Navigator' offers guidance to help brands develop their sustainability strategy and messaging, identify areas for competitive advantage and reduce the risk of greenwashing.

With over 1.7 million data points, the "first-of-its-kind" recommendation engine can deliver bespoke sustainability advice tailored to the unique needs of each business based on consumer, market and regulatory insights.

It addresses key challenges by allowing brands to:

  • Understand how effectively their existing sustainability credentials appeal to consumers, comply with regulation and compare with the market, so that they can identify gaps as well as brand differentiation opportunities.
  • Build a custom roadmap that enables them to collaborate on a shared strategy, meet commercial expectations and improve their performance in areas of sustainability that are most relevant to their business.


It comes after a recent survey of marketers revealed that 49% of respondents need extra resources in order to feel confident in matters of sustainability, transparency and greenwashing, with 51% also claiming that fear of consequences is holding progress back.

Jessi Baker, Founder of Provenance said: "A decade ago, Provenance pioneered the use of Web3 for integrity in sustainability claims, and today we’re continuing to drive progress in this space with the launch of our Sustainability Navigator.

"Amidst rapidly changing environments for brands, we’re helping to close the knowledge gap and ensure that marketers feel empowered to communicate their sustainability claims both effectively and authentically to protect consumer interests as well as their brand’s reputation and commercial interests."

The news follows the launch of Provenance's transparency directory last year, designed for consumers to discover brands and products with a proven positive impact on people and the planet.

The directory features categories including 'climate conscious', 'protecting nature' and 'diversity founded', allowing shoppers to research the sustainability credentials and background of a brand.

Each directory entry is backed up by evidence and/or independent verification, which aims to "empower shoppers to avoid greenwashing and make buying decisions that truly match their values".

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