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Refillable fragrance fountain launches exclusively at Selfridges

Sophie Smith
13 July 2022

New fragrance brand D'OTTO has made its global debut with a refillable fragrance fountain exclusively at Selfridges in London.

The new retail space offers Selfridges customers the opportunity to bring their empty bottles in-store to be refilled with a D’OTTO fragrance.

All Selfridges stores will also sell D’OTTO fragrances in fully recyclable reduced kraft packaging. Each sale includes a 10% donation to charity.


The brand's first collection of five scents is inspired by abstract art and iconic pieces including Pollock, Malevic, Klee, Mondrian and Kandinsky.

D’OTTO’s bottles are recyclable, made of glass for cosmetic use and decorated with non-polluting materials. Other packaging materials such as paper and cardboard are also "produced in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way".

The launch is part of Selfridges' commitment to sustainability and making circular models a core part of its offer through its Project Earth initiative. Project Earth is the retailer's sustainability strategy, which sets out Selfridges' vision to reinvent retail, change the way consumers shop and how it does business by 2025.

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