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REN Clean Skincare strengthens omnichannel experiences to drive customer loyalty

Sophie Smith
19 April 2022

REN Clean Skincare has partnered with data-driven loyalty platform LoyaltyLion to strengthen its e-commerce engagement and omnichannel experiences through its "Clean Rewards" scheme. 

Working with LoyaltyLion's specialists, the Clean Rewards scheme allows customers to earn points when signing up for the loyalty program. The skincare brand also uses LoyaltyLion to display on-site notifications to guest shoppers encouraging them to create loyalty program accounts in exchange for points.

To promote exclusivity and engage members, REN Clean Skincare uses a tiered system to encourage customers to make a purchase. At the “Starter” level consumers can earn £10 vouchers and at the higher “Champion” level, shoppers can gain access to more exclusive rewards.

AJ Patel, Global Head of Ecommerce at REN Clean Skincare, said: “Given the challenges with paid media in 2021, loyalty and CRM have become irreplaceable channels to help fuel growth in our business. LoyaltyLion has been a great partner in helping us revamp our loyalty program and improve customer retention.”

Charlie Casey, CEO of LoyaltyLion, said: “Customers no longer shop by price or convenience, they choose to shop with brands that are emotionally aligned to their values. They'll share the brand with others and the result is that stores will cost-effectively acquire the right kinds of customers. Having been in the cosmetics market for over two decades, REN’s team isn’t shy about embracing innovation and evolving trends to both retain and acquire loyal customers.”

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