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Revieve launches AI Makeup Advisor to help brands deliver personalised digital beauty

Sophie Smith
03 December 2021

Personalised digital brand experience company Revieve has announced the launch of its new AI Makeup Advisor platform.

The platform aims to offer shoppers a digital makeup experience that engages consumers with an AI-powered selfie analysis, personalised recommendations and virtual try-on capabilities.

Described by Revieve, the platform creates an intimate environment where customers can discover themselves, purchase with confidence and strengthen the relationship they have with brands.

It also allows retailers to gain intelligence on customers' interactions.

Revieve AI Makeup Advisor

Revieve AI Makeup Advisor

Joonas Hamunen, VP of Product at Revieve, said: "Our AI Makeup Advisor is the next generation of personalised digital makeup experiences.

"Not only is it the markets' first all-inclusive personalised digital makeup experience package for brands and retailers, but it helps them take control over the multi-touchpoint customer journey. It delivers the clarity and direction needed to better target customers and help them feel connected with their favourite brands."

Revieve's mission is to deliver personalised digital brand experiences that live in each step of the customer journey and that keep them relevant in their consumer interactions.

The launch of Revieve's AI Makeup Advisor, follows an increase in the use of AI and AR technology by brands including No7, Coty and Estée Lauder.

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