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Revieve reveals digital skincare trends, behaviours, and tips for beauty retail success in latest report
23 February 2023

Revieve's latest report reveals the most common skin concerns, types, and behaviours with its AI skin analysis solutions deployed globally. The report also highlights top trends to help ambitious brands and retailers respond to customers' needs for beauty retail success in 2023. 

Revieve's beauty and wellness technology platform has analysed millions of selfies to date and has supported brands and retailers in providing accurate beauty routines and product recommendations to its customers. So it is no surprise this beauty technology company has gotten skin deep into understanding customers' needs and preferences when it comes to beauty and wellness. 

The company's latest report reveals 2022 analytics data from a sample of its global beauty brand and retail customers. According to Revieve, customers globally are primarily concerned about maintaining healthy and youthful-looking skin. Wrinkles, under-eye bags, and acne are common concerns among all customers. Other skin concerns include dark spots, dull skin, and visible pores. In addition, male sex users are predominantly identified as having oily skin, whereas female sex users report mainly having combination skin.

The report also demonstrates that female sex users engage more (77%) with AI skin analysis solutions compared to male sex users (69%). However, both groups drive almost an equal number of purchase actions in digital skincare experiences (26% and 21%, respectively). This sheds light on the untapped opportunity in men's grooming to decrease the barrier of access to skincare by making their customer experience more personalised. 

Skin Concerns

Revieve top skin concerns

Furthermore, the report reveals that conducting an online selfie analysis increases a customers' confidence to purchase more products. For example, the completion rate for a selfie taker in Revieve's digital skincare experiences is 60% higher than for non-selfie takers. In addition, the add-to-cart rate is 86% higher for selfie-takers, and 53% perform more purchase-related actions than non-selfie-takers.

When looking into the future, the experts at Revieve address in the report how to navigate the complexities of the beauty customer journey and suggest ways to address customer needs. In the report, Revieve highlights that this year will be critical for brands and retailers to create an avenue for their customers to discover new products and become shoppers' companions while engaging and influencing their decisions wherever they are. 

Because customers don't shop through just one channel but instead research, engage, and shop across myriad touchpoints, the beauty tech company recommends that brands and retailers work towards blending their online and offline commerce so that each brand environment feels like an extension of the other.

Revieve's report also emphasises the importance of implementing a personalisation program at scale to aid zero- and first-party data collection.

"With data-powered personalisation, brands, and retailers can now identify what their consumers' concerns are, put in place the necessary product and merchandising strategies to address them, or invest massively in content that will provide meaningful assistance across the customer journey," says Sampo Parkkinen, CEO at Revieve. "The future of the consumer experience will be based on how brands personalise their customer journeys and navigate customer psychographic data," he adds. 

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