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Rita Ora on how her own struggles with haircare led to the launch of her new line Typebea
01 May 2024

Singer and presenter Rita Ora has revealed that there was a point in her career when she was losing a lot of hair, because of all the styling that had been done to it, and it was this experience that led her to co-create her newly launched haircare line Typebea with Vida Glow founder Anna Lahey.

“I’ve been in the industry for almost a decade now, and my hair has been through it all – heat styling, colour changes, cuts, extensions, you name it,” Ora said at the official launch of the brand in London this week, “And it eventually got to a point where I was like, ‘Wow, I  have hardly any hair left! It definitely shook my confidence.”

Ora, whose work includes being a judge on TV talent shows; The Masked Singer, the X Factor and The Voice UK, and presenting America’s Next Top Model, can now add beauty brand founder to her CV.

For the past past three years Ora and Lahey, the Australian entrepreneur behind ingestible beauty brand Vida Glow, has been working on Typebea, a sulphate and paraben-free haircare range powered by baicapil, an ingredient complex designed to stimulate hair growth for all hair types.

Rita Ora

Rita Ora and Anna Lahey

“The range has been developed to promote hair growth and reduce excess hair shedding. All of our formulation research led us to baicapil, and the impressive clinical research behind this ingredient,” said Lahey.

“Baicapil is an ingredient complex that is clinically studied to stimulate hair growth, increase hair density, and reduce hair loss by 60%. Impressively, in clinical studies, the ingredient was shown to increase the number of new hairs on average by 12,500 to 38,000," Lahey added.

Ora, who has worn a multitude of different hair looks and shades over the year, from waist-length waves, curly extension and sleek bobs, said she had focused too much on how her hair looked, rather than the health of her hair and has had to redefine her relationship with her hair.

“Being in the public eye, you feel like you can’t have a bad hair day,” she said. “It’s crazy to think that a healthy relationship with my hair didn’t exist for so long. I spent so much of my career prioritising committing to a look. I was always on to the next look, the next colour, the next haircut or hairstyle. It took my hair getting to a really bad place for me to realise I needed to start prioritising its health,” she said.

“I’m really loving my hair short right now! It’s great to feel this kind of confidence embracing my natural hair, and Typebea has played a huge part in that,” said Ora, who is currently sporting a shorter look.

“When my hair is feeling healthy and great, I feel sexy and confident. I can walk outside with no make-up on and feel like I’m ready to conquer anything,” she added.

Rita Ora (right) and founder of Vida Glow, Anna Lahey arrive for the official launch event for her new hair care brand, TYPEBEA, at Old Sessions House, Clerkenwell.

Lahey, who made her name in the industry with her best-selling ingestible collagen brand Vida Glow, said Typebea's point of difference was its focus on "promoting hair growth, no matter your hair type".

“So that means straight, coily, curly, wavy, thin, thick, hair with extensions or colour-treated hair. It’s an inclusive range that works to stimulate hair growth, in hair that is thinning, slow growing, damaged or just in people who want longer, stronger healthier hair," she said.


Launched last month, the Typebea collection comprises:

Overnight Boosting Peptide, £43

Powered by Baicapil, this oil-free, traceless, leave-in scalp serum supports hair growth, promising to reduce hair loss by 60% in three months. The water-based solution is suitable for nightly use on wet or dry hair without ruining hair styling.

Length + Strength Shampoo, £23

This clarifying and volumising shampoo works to revitalise the scalp to support natural hair growth, leaving the scalp pH balanced to create an "optimal hair growth environment" and cleansing without snagging or breakage.

Length + Strength Conditioner, £23

This weightless and moisturising conditioner also supports natural hair growth. It promises to leave "hair detangled, smoothed and plumped", with plant-based keratin added to penetrate the hair cuticle to optimise damage recovery.

Hydra-Gloss Treatment, £26

A hydrating gloss treatment that supports hair strength, length and gloss, the product features a blend of biomimetic ceramide to reduce breakage and split ends, hyaluronic acid for deep hydration, argan oil for shine, and shea butter for moisture.

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