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Selena Gomez flirts with the idea of selling Rare Beauty

Chloe Burney
20 March 2024

Selena Gomez is reportedly weighing the sale of her viral cosmetics brand, Rare Beauty, after it was valued at £1.58 billion ($2 billion).

The actress-turned-singer has hired advisers to weigh offers for her cosmetics company, according to Business of Fashion’s sources.

According to these anonymous sources, Bankers have met with potential suitors to purchase the company. However, no matter the outcome, Gomez plans to stay heavily involved with the business.

Following the footsteps of fellow singer-turned-beauty mogul Rihanna, Selena Gomez launched Rare Beauty in 2020. The brand quickly garnered a loyal following after its viral liquid blushes grabbed the attention of beauty fanatics across the globe.

It wasn't until February 2022 that Rare Beauty was launched in the UK, with Brits lapping up beauty brand's bestselling products such as the Always An Optimist 4-In-1 Mist, Stay Vulnerable Melting Blush and Perfect Strokes Universal Volumising Mascara.

Many celebrities have transformed themselves into beauty moguls. Yet, the market doesn’t always promise to be as lucrative as Rare Beauty or Fenty Beauty. Though some hit the jackpot, think Hailey Biber’s Rhode, others have struggled to compete, think Ariana Grande’s R.E.M.

What makes Rare Beauty different? Its mission statement is to help everyone celebrate their individuality by redefining what beautiful means and promoting self-acceptance. It "aims to create a safe and welcoming space in the beauty that supports mental wellbeing across age, gender, sexuality, race and physical or mental ability".

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