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Selfridges introduces Minimalista's hair-repairing accessories and tools

Chloe Burney
30 November 2022

Minimalista, which considers hair repair with each accessory and tool design, has launched in Selfridges.

Launching in 2021, the collection of redefined haircare essentials, promising to elevate consumers’ hair rituals and protect their locks from damage. For example, the Classic Comb is designed with optimal teeth spacing to ensure it detangles all hair types without damaging strands.

Liv Boettcher, Founder of Minimalista, told “Back in my 20’s I suffered from severe hair loss and became extremely passionate about haircare. On my journey back to strong & healthy hair I understood the importance of being patient and enjoying the process.

“I realised that healthy hair can definitely benefit from a good hair treatment but that especially tools have a big impact on your hairs health and are just as important as the products you apply.”

Minimalista’s goal is to inspire their consumers' to create easy hair care rituals with aesthetically pleasing, quality tools.

The collection includes tools such as brushes, scalp massagers, and combs appropriate for all hair types. The brand also creates accessories such as silk scrunchies to protect hair strands, microfibre towels for gentle drying, and clips that don’t strain the hair.

Boettcher embraces the philosophy ‘buy once, buy well’, ensuring each product is also made to last. The tools are all made from plant-based cellulose acetate, which is a renewable and extremely durable material. Each product is also presented in 100% recyclable packaging.

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