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Selfridges launches quiet shopping hour to support Neurodiversity Week

Sophie Smith
24 March 2022

Selfridges has introduced a new quiet shopping hour across its stores and offices to create a more inclusive shopping experience for all its customers

Announced during Neurodiversity Week and running 10-11am every Wednesday, the retailer's new quiet hour hopes to offer customers the opportunity to shop in an environment that is catered to their needs.

Selfridges will lower or turn off its music and switch off screens where possible to help create a calmer, less overwhelming experience across its stores.

Selfridges will also encourage its office team members to be respectful of volume during this time. It will also create quiet spaces for reflection across its office locations.

Neurodiversity Week raises awareness for people with autism spectrum conditions, sensory sensitivities and mental health conditions. In a statement on LinkedIn, Selfridges said: "We are proud of this positive step in our journey to creating a diverse, inclusive community where everyone is welcome."

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