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Sisley Paris launches first new brand in almost 50 years

Sophie Smith
03 April 2024

Beauty brand Sisley Paris has launched Neuraé, a neuroscience-based skincare brand that champions the "powerful link between the skin and emotions".

Inspired by neuroscientific research, the new brand offers "innovative and effective" solutions to address conditions of dull, tired or tense skin that shows signs of premature ageing.

It categorises products by concern to address a lack of firmness and radiance, as well as wrinkles and fine lines, with each range reflecting a different emotion: Harmonie, Energie, Joie and Serenite.

"Our emotions form an intrinsic link between our skin and brain. This knowledge provides incredible new tools for minimising the environmental impact of time on our skin, offering both emotional and cutaneous benefits. This new discovery is the basis of our innovative scientific approach to beauty," reads a statement.

To achieve this, Sisley Group Laboratories identified how tiredness, sadness and stress impact the skin's appearance. Through research, the team found that they could use three neuromodulative components to positively impact the skin and mind when experiencing these emotions.


The formulations boast active ingredients to "promote positive messagers and limit negative ones on the skin", including red indigo to reduce signs of fatigue, alpine skullcap extract to boost skin's wellbeing, and eperua extract to target inflammation.


The collection features four scents using essential oils and fragrance compounds, selected for their aromatherapeutic properties to trigger the appropriate emotional responce.


The product textures aim to provoke an emotional responce.


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The full range features a serum, creams, and boosters formulated with 95% ingredients of natural origin, including organic plants or byproducts, grown using sustainable irrigation methods, and extracted with innovative, more respectful technology.

The products retail at a lower price point than sister brand Sisley Paris, from £45 to £195, and marks the first time the French family-owned business has launched a new brand.

Founded in 1976 by Hubert d'Orano and his wife Isabelle, Sisley Paris boasts a luxury, high-quality approach to skincare, known for the effectiveness of its natural key ingredients and sensorial qualities.

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