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Sisu Clinic moves into skincare with innovative new line

Lauretta Roberts
09 June 2023

Sisu Clinic, the doctor-led aesthetic medicine destination, has launched a new line of provider-approved skin care products, called ‘Sisu Solutions’.

The first two products in the line are the Marine Collagen Supplement and the Bio-Cellulose Sheet Mask, which are now available across its 24 locations in the UK, Ireland and the US. Further products are planned in the coming months.

The Marine Collagen Supplement is described as a powerful and effective blend of Collagen, Biotin, and Vitamin C. Each liquid packet of the supplement is easy to digest and berry-flavoured, containing 8,000mg of marine collagen that dissolves instantly into the user’s beverage of choice and is absorbed into the system. The key benefits of this supplement are healthier looking skin and improved elasticity and hydration.

Meanwhile the Bio-Cellulose Sheet Mask, part of The Lavish Line, helps hydrate and strengthen skin to visibly reduce signs of ageing. It contains a powerful blend of tripeptides to help lock in moisture for healthier, plumper, more luminous skin as well as brightening the skin and evening skin tone.

Headed by Sisu co-founder, Dr Brian Cotter, ‘Sisu Solutions’ was created by experts to extend and build upon the "natural, yet noticeable", Sisu Clinic aesthetic treatments.


Dr Brian Cotter explained: "We're delighted to introduce Sisu Solutions into Sisu Clinic's treatment portfolio, and we know our patients will truly be amazed by the results of these products! Here at Sisu Clinic we often say ‘medicine first, business second’. The treatments in our portfolio have to have proven efficacy for both us as medical providers and our patients. Our new skin care line is no exception, particularly for those who have engaged with our aesthetics treatment in the past, and are proud to increase the longevity of their results."

“I began developing the idea of a bespoke skincare line for Sisu in 2020 - during COVID-19 our clinics were closed down, and with the extra time I wanted to find a way to make my patients feel beautiful from the comfort of their own home,” Dr Cotter continued.

“It has been quite a journey – I spoke to women in my life, of all different ages, and I found out what their pain points for skincare products were, and how Sisu could create something better. The feedback so far has been astounding – not only does the skin look better and brighter when bare, but in the case of the facemask, the application of make-up is much smoother after their use. We want to give our patients the best results possible, both in our clinic and in their homes, and I am thrilled to have begun bringing our line to clinic shelves.”


Sisu Clinic was founded in 2018 by Cork doctor-brother duo Dr. James Cotter and Dr. Brian Cotter, in collaboration with CEO Pat Phelan. It opened its first clinic in London (in Hampstead) last summer and has been operating in the UK since 2019 when it opened in Belfast. It has since gone on to open locations in Mayfair and Richmond.

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