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Skin Proud uncovers a gap in the market targeting SPF to Gen Z

Chloe Burney
23 May 2023

Vegan skincare brand Skin Proud has created an SPF targeted at Gen Z after uncovering 63% of people in their teens and early 20s don’t wear SPF daily.

Skin Proud commissioned research to gain insight into Gen Z’s use of SPF and educate the community about the importance of daily SPF. Despite learning that Gen Z is well educated about SPF, the community isn’t implementing this knowledge into their daily routines.

Data revealed that:

  • 63% don’t wear SPF daily
  • Only 11% wear factor 50 or above
  • 26% say the reason that they aren’t wearing SPF is due to not living in a sunny climate
  • 20% of Gen Zs don’t wear SPF as they don’t know enough about it
  • 41% of Gen Zs know that the sun causes skin damage

Although there are 4.7 billion searches for sunscreen on TikTok (a Gen Z-led community), the data collected revealed the myths around SPF, for example only needing to wear SPF in sunny climates.

However, 42% of Gen Zs know that SPF reduces signs of ageing, 40% of Gen Zs knowing that SPF reduces the risk of skin cancer. 31% of the demographic think SPF is somewhat effective in protecting their skin for the future and 21% of Gen Zs think SPF is the most important step in their skincare routine.

48% of Gen Zs agree that "preventing skin damage from a young age is easier than trying to cure it when you’re older." This is where Skin Proud steps in. The brand’s recent launch of the Serious Shade Lightweight Hydrating SPF 50+ Sun Serum is a multi-tasking sun protector that is targeted to its Gen Z clientele.

The formula contains a cocktail of powerful ingredients including ceramides, acerola cherry and spirulina, which leave skin hydrated and protected. What’s more, the outer packaging is 100% recyclable and the bottle is also made from 30% PCR plastic.

Serious Shade retails for £16.95 and is available now at

Listen to's podcast with Charlotte Knight, the Founder of Ciate London, Lottie London and Skin Proud.

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