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Skingredients to debut new refillable format in Cult Beauty launch

Gaelle Walker
22 September 2021

Skingredients, the active, results-driven skincare brand founded by dermal facialist Jennifer Rock is re-launching with a new refillable packaging format next month.

The brand, which includes a range of four pillar products for a balanced skin diet, plus two Match + Mix products, is also expanding distribution with a launch onto Cult Beauty.

From 4 October, the entire range will be available in a refillable format featuring fully recyclable inner tubes.

Pack sizes have also been enlarged to offer consumers up to 50% more product.

New refill tubes are made from the widely recyclable plastics polypropylene and polyethylene while outer packaging and delivery boxes are made from card.

The new-look refill range will include:

  • PREPROBIOTIC CLEANSE Primary Pack 100ml (rrp £26) and refills for £23.
  • SKIN VEG Primary Pack rrp £49 / Refill rrp £44.
  • SKIN PROTEIN Primary Pack rrp £49 / Refill rrp £44 . The product also features a new enhanced formula with added pro-ageing ingredients and a higher volume of vitamin C.
  • SKIN SHIELD SPF PA +++ Primary Pack rrp £51 / Refill rrp £46.
  • SKIN GOOD FATS Primary Pack rrp £49 / Refill rrp £44. The product also features an enhanced formula with more ceramides.
  • SALLY CLEANSE Primary Pack rrp £30 / Refill rrp £27.

With a simple screw in and out system, the new refill packs have also been designed to offer maximum ease of use and facilitate re-use and recycling among beauty consumers.

Speaking exclusively to ahead of the launch, Rock said: “We can’t hide from the plastic pollution problem any longer.

"A particularly alarming stat for me is that 55% of people aren’t recycling from their bathroom and I really believe that it’s our duty and responsibility to help educate them.

“For me it’s so important that our brand is not just about educating people on skin but also about sustainability.”

“There has been a 15% increase in our consumers asking about refills – which still isn’t a huge amount and probably not enough to warrant the change that we have made to the business so early on, but to me it was just so important that we did it.

“Yes, it would have been sexier to have brought out new products, but in my opinion it wouldn’t have done the brand service to just do all the pretty things first,” Rock added.

“For me, what’s outside of the products is just as important as what’s inside them. As a brand we don’t just want to have a positive impact on the skin – we also want to do right by the environment.

“It’s also important to note that this is just our first step in this direction, it’s certainly not the end.”

The global skincare and beauty industry is estimated to produce 120 billion units of packaging every year, with the majority of that packaging classed as non-recyclable, single-use.

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