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Ukrainian business So.Shell Nail Bar to open first UK salon

Sophie Smith
02 December 2022

Ukrainian beauty business So.Shell Nail Bar is opening its first UK salon in London's Carnaby on 10 December 2022.

Located at 34 Marshall Street, the 738 sq ft salon spans two floors and will offer a range of nail, eyebrow and lash services with two treatment rooms.

The ground floor features a manicure zone and the lower ground floor a pedicure zone. Brow treatments will also be available to add onto any manicure or pedicure treatment.

The salon will also support the brand's Ukrainian routes and raise awareness for the Ukrainian crisis by hiring Ukrainian refugees. In addition, the salon has been designed by a Ukrainian designer and all the furniture is produced in Ukraine. The space hopes to offer a "relaxing vibe" with a blue, white and beige colour scheme.

Samantha Bain-Mollison, Retail Director at Shaftesbury, said: “We are excited to welcome So.Shell’s first standalone nail bar to Carnaby. Providing top-quality but time saving simultaneous beauty treatments is a great concept for busy Londoner’s.

"With Carnaby being one of the busiest destinations in London, So.Shell is the perfect addition for visitors and locals. As well as providing a great service in London, So.Shell will continue to support its Ukrainian routes by providing job opportunities and training.”

Yana Galiyeva, Owner of So.Shell, added: “Our aim is to establish a unique space, not only in the services we provide but in the atmosphere. Our team has more than seven years of experience and know how to achieve a top quality result that will last for weeks.

"To continue our work with our Ukraine projects, we will also be providing job opportunities and training for Ukrainians who had to flee the country due to the ongoing war."

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