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Spotlight Oral Care launches LED teeth whitening system

Lauretta Roberts
20 September 2022

Spotlight Oral Care, the dentist founded brand from Ireland, has launched an LED teeth whitening system promising professional-standard results at home in just 30 minutes.

Founded in 2016 by sisters and dentists Drs Lisa and Vanessa Creaven, Spotlight has devised a simple, three-step system that employs nano-technology enabling its LED light to emit both red and blue wavelengths.

The blue light helps accelerate the action of active ingredients – hydrogen peroxide and PAP, a 'revolutionary' whitening ingredient – which results in an oxidising action that breaks down the stains that have built up on the tooth surface while also lifting the overall shade of the tooth.

Meanwhile the light from the red spectrum soothes and rejuvenates the gum and soft tissues surrounding the teeth, which is said to reduce sensitivity and also improves the appearance of gums.

The full kit contains the PAP Pro Whitening Strips, the LED light, a travel case and a PAP Pro Teeth Whitening Pen, which is designed to be used during the course of the treatment to maintain and enhance the results and can also be used as a touch up to minimise stains that appear during a user's daily routine.

Priced at £109.95, the system is available for early access on the Spotlight website.

Founders Lisa and Vanessa Creaven said of the launch: "As dentists, our priority is creating amazing products that improve oral health but not at the expense of your overall health or the environment! We believe that if you want the most from your smile, you’ve got to get serious about your oral care regime."

The Creaven sisters have sought to bridge the gap between beauty and oral care with the Spotlight brand, which until now was best known for its Sonic toothbrushes, whitening strips and whitening toothpaste. The dentists believe that we should approach our oral care in the same way we approach our skincare with a routine devised to suit our personal needs.

Spotlight Oral Care

The launch of the teeth whitening systems follows on from the launch of a teeth whitening powder that also contains PAP, along with Hydroxyapatite and the patented ingredient Diamond Powder. When the micro-fine powder is combined with toothpaste, it transforms it into an advanced whitening treatment. Users simply apply toothpaste onto a brush and then dip it into the powder and brush as usual.

As well as via its own website, Spotlight Oral Care is available on a number of multi-brand websites such as Cult Beauty and Lookfantastic as well as online and in branches of Boots nationwide.

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