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Sprout World launches world's first plantable eyeliner

Sophie Smith
20 December 2021

Eco-pencil brand Sprout World has created the first plantable eyeliner, developed without microplastics which are typically used in the beauty product.  

Emphasised by Sprout World, the vegan eyeliner is designed to be planted after use, rather than thrown away.

Consumers can place the soluble cellulose seed capsule in soil, water frequently and grow bee-friendly wildflowers

Sprout World Eyeliner

Produced using 100% natural and ethically sourced materials, the idea was developed from the brand's Sprout Pencil, which follows the same concept.

The eyeliner also uses less plastic, packaging and throw away elements than traditional eyeliners.

Commenting on its product, Sprout World's website said: "The world’s first plantable eyeliner (that’s also patented) is a messenger for green change. By choosing to use a sustainable eyeliner instead of one that contains microplastics, you’re a role model for a greener, better future."

Sprout World's eyeliner is available on the brand's website and Amazon.

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